About Us

Sustainable and Ethical Swimwear Made in Australia 

Made to inspire adventures, Ihraa Swim is an Indigenous, Australian-made swimwear brand with a commitment to sustainable and ethical production practices. 

Ihraa Swim was founded by Nat Dann in 2021. The founder envisioned a brand that celebrates Aboriginal culture while embracing the natural environment of Australia. 

Swimwear with a Conscience 

This sustainable company is breaking boundaries for a new generation of luxury swimwear. 

Each piece of swimwear helps to protect the Australian ecosystem, as it is made from recycled plastic waste salvaged from the ocean. This not only reduces the amount of waste in marine environments but also saves wildlife from entanglement and injury. 

The Ihraa Swim eco-friendly swimwear collection not only helps to keep the oceans clean. The recycled plastic fabric is also vibrant and hardwearing, resistant to the sun, salt water and chlorine. 

The brand is dedicated to ensuring that every piece of swimwear can be used for more than one season. Each suit undergoes extensive testing to ensure it passes stringent quality control standards. 

Celebrating the Cultural Heritage of Australia 

The prints depicted on the fabrics are inspired by Aboriginal art and paintings, which represent a connection to our culture, land and environment. 

Ihraa Swim's mission is to educate about indigenous culture and sustainable living through its swimwear. 

The brand's prints pay homage to the Indigenous people of Australia. Each print reflects a story or an aspect of indigenous culture and lifestyle. 

Through the art on its garments, Ihraa Swim maintains a connection to our country and heritage while celebrating its natural beauty. 

As a socially responsible brand, Ihraa Swim is committed to supporting and enriching Indigenous Communities. By supporting indigenous brands, you help to support Aboriginal art and culture within Australia. 

A Style for Every Adventure 

The Ihraa Swim collection of swimwear has a style suitable for every occasion, from relaxing by the pool to catching waves. Each colourway and print tells a story as you tread through the water in these artistic garments. 

From body-con bikinis to full-coverage rash guard styles, there is a swimsuit to suit your personality and activities. Whether you're a sporty type or more of a beach bum, Ihraa Swim has a style for you. 

The brand's tailored cut is designed to ensure comfort, even as you face ocean waves head-on. 

Wear with Pride 

Whether you're sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the surf, Ihraa Swim's stylish swimwear is a reflection of an active and environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

This Australian brand encourages you to embrace the natural environment our country has to offer and explore this unique land with confidence.